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Finding a Discount on Disney World Tickets

MGM Disney WorldWhere can you buy discount Disney World tickets?

  1. Kiosks and ticket desks in Orlando area: Many restaurants and businesses in the Orlando area have ticket desks or kiosks that sells discounted tickets to Disney World and other attractions. Note:
  2. Ticket Discounters: Look online to locate authorized sellers who buy discounted tickets in bulk from Disney. Occasionally these ticket sellers may offer specials, such as 5 days for the price of 4. Savings on discounted tickets over gate tickets will typically range from about $1 to $30 per ticket, depending on what options you purchase and how many days.

All over the Internet you see advertisements for free Disney World tickets, cheap Disney World tickets, discount Disney World tickets. Somewhere there appears to be a super ticket deal…if only you could find it. If you click long enough, you will learn that cheap and discount tickets usually means $1-$10 off per ticket over the gate price and that free and deep discounted have catches. The reason you will not find huge discounts on Disney tickets is Disney doesn’t make discount Disney World Tickets available. So let’s get to what’s behind the disguised bargain tickets:

FREE TICKETS: (plus free or inexpensive lodging):
If you are looking for deeply discounted or free tickets/lodging, these come with a timeshare presentation which usually involves an intense one on one high pressure selling situation. Unless you are seriously interested in purchasing a timeshare, you are wasting your valuable vacation time, as well as putting yourself under stress.

Or you may see a vacation package offering free tickets or free lodging as part of the deal. Unless everything is itemized, the only way to tell if it is a good buy is to price the items individually. Generally, you can create your own vacation for less.

As there is no way to tell if a ticket has already been used, I recommend purchasing your tickets through an authorized Disney ticket discounter like Maple Leaf Tickets.