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      Disney Character Breakfast

Breakfast Options with the Disney Characters

Character Dining is expensive but something worth doing at least once. The breakfast cost is least expensive. Priority seating can be booked 180 days prior to dining date.

The Cinderella breakfast usually sells out in the first 15 minutes. If you want to enjoy the Cinderella breakfast, here’s how to do it:

Make sure you call the Disney Dining number directly 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463). Character Dining can be accessed from other Disney numbers, but that involves a transfer and you lose precious time.

Phone for character breakfastThe evening before you want to make your booking, call the dining number and write down the numerical responses required to reach a reservationist.

The phones open at 7 am Eastern Standard Time. Start calling at 6:59. When the automated system answers, you need to let the first part of the message play until it starts to ask you a question: then press the numeric responses you wrote down the night before (you do not need for them to finish the question—press the number immediately). When the reservationist answers, go straight to the point; example: Cinderella breakfast, 3 people, December 18. This will help them get the information into the computer quickly and just seconds here can make a difference in getting a reservation.

Disney may make an advance charge on your credit card depending on what character meal you select. You can cancel your dining reservation up to 48 hours prior without penalty. Your reservation doesn’t actually entitle you to a reserved table, but you will receive priority seating—which means you get the next available table after you arrive. Be sure to show up at least one-half hour ahead of your scheduled time.