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      Disney Photo Pass

Benefits of the New Photo Pass Card at Disney World

Disney MGM Photo PassDisney photographers are ready to snap your picture at locations throughout the park. When you first have your picture taken upon entering the park, they will give you a Disney Photo Pass card (credit card size) with your identification number.

This same Photo Pass card will be scanned each time a Disney photographer takes your picture. You will no longer have to keep track of little pieces of paper.

Photographs can still be viewed and ordered while at the park, but you now have the option of logging onto the Disney Photo Pass website to view, share, or order photographs from home.

You will have the same options for adding boarders, text, and Disney images at home that you would in any of the parks.

If you have multiple Photo Pass cards when you return home, they can be combined onto one account.

I recommend writing down the identification number on the back of your Photo Pass card in case it gets lost. This will allow you to still access your pictures once you return home.