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      Disney Pins - Collect and Trade

Collecting and Trading Pins at Disney World

One Disney memento that can be not too expensive—or very big—are Disney pins. There are different types of pins, e.g. park pins, Mickey Mouse pins, female character pins, etc.

Disney Pins at Epcot Some people collect and display them—and others engage in the fun of trading them. There are thousands of Disney pins for purchase. Many can be found on the large online auction sites. This is a great place to start a collection before visiting Disney World.

Pins sell for as little as $3 (more expensive ones up to $40 for sets).

Both children and adults do pin collecting and trading, and you will see guests trading pins with Disney cast members in the parks. Some cast members even wear special green lanyards and their pins can only be traded with children.

Trading Disney pins with cast members is a wonder way to interact. There are brochures that can be obtained with all the Disney pin trading etiquette, but the rules are quite simple. Many Disney cast members wear pin trading lanyards or pin trading boards. If a cast member has a pin that you would like, you simple remove a pin from your lanyard and tell them which pin you wish to trade for. It is all up to you what pin you select to give and receive. It is that simple!

Once you receive a pin that you want to keep, I recommend putting a locking pin back onto it. Disney pins often come loose from lanyards and are lost. Locking pin backs can be purchased at all pin selling locations.