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Affordable Dining at Disney World Restaurants

Disney ABC RestaurantsEvery park has low cost meals in the $4-$5 range for kid meals (adults can eat kid meals too!) and $7-$9 for adult meals. You will find sandwich shops, ethic specialty nooks, cafeterias, and communal dining halls (like ABC Commissary at MGM) which are quite reasonable and provide plenty of food for the money.

You can often feed your whole family for little more than the cost of one expensive entrée at the upscale restaurants. Many times two people can share one meal, and especially two children can share one meal. It is often better to share small meals during the day and eat more frequently— especially in hot weather, plus it gives you a cool break inside an air conditioned facility.

If you want to eat less expensively at the nicer restaurants, go for lunch rather than dinner. Or order a few appetizers instead of meals.