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Trip Planning Packing List For Disney World

Planning what items to bring on a Disney World Trip can be a challenge. If you pack everything except the kitchen sink, you will spend your precious vacation time dealing with the extra luggage and no one wants to vacation that way. With a little Disney trip planning, your packing will be much easier and you will find that you have everything you need.

The Florida sun is hot—a brimmed hat is needed. You will still want a light weight long sleeved shirt for preventing sunburn—or to wear after you get burned!

Layered clothing is in order for any season, especially the cooler part of the year.

Comfortable, well broken in walking shoes are a must—you can easily walk 5 miles or more in a day; you may want to build up your walking endurance a few months prior to your trip.

Loose, comfortable clothes are key; you’ll see every size and shape at the parks wearing shorts and tee shirts.

For the water parks, everyone will need waterproof shoes or sandals (a must have!), a towel, and a good cover up wrap. Pool side restaurats like Beach's and Cream also require a cover up to be worn.

Lightweight ponchos from the dollar store for rainy days. Planning in advance will save you from purchasing the expensive ones from Disney.

Packing tip: Pack one day’s outfit in a 2 gallon zip lock bag: shorts, tee shirt, underwear, socks (fold, insert, roll to expel air). You can also put the dirty clothes back in the bag if you aren’t planning to do laundry until you get home.

Laundry tip: Pack a pop-up laundry bag for a place to put all the dirty laundry and for carrying to the washing machine. Planning to do laundry on your Disney trip doesn't sound like fun, but if you plan one evening to wash clothes while enjoying the resort pool, you will only need to pack half the clothes.

Clutter tip: Keep toiletries, toothbrushes, meds, makeup off countertops and more sanitary by putting them in an over-the-door clear pocketed shoe holder.

Carry an extra pair of eyeglasses, even if they are old—it beats trying to find a one-hour prescription store immediately. We have had personal experience with glasses breaking and getting lost on rides, so it is not that uncommon. The Kissimmee Wal-Mart vision department was most helpful to us one night in replacing glasses from a broken frame into a new one. Be sure to also take a current prescription for your glasses just in case.

Also carry any medical prescriptions with you + the telephone number of your pharmacy in case of emergency.

For postcards to send to friends back home, make preprinted labels—then just peel and stick, and add postage. Also take email addresses if you would like to send a video postcard from Mission Space at Epcot.

If you will have a car in Orlando, you may want to make some purchases once you get there, especially liquid items that might spill or break in luggage. See our What To Buy in Orlando page for suggestions.