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On Site Itinerary vs. Off Site Itinerary for Disney World

Extra Magic Hours! If you are staying off site, you might think you can skip this, but it is as important to planning your Disney World Itinerary as it is if you are staying on site.

Magic Kingdom Disney World ItineraryFirst of all, let's be sure everyone knows what Extra Magic Hours are: Each day one Disney World theme park opens one hour before regular admission time and/or one park stays open up to three hours after closing. Who gets Extra Magic Hours? The guests who stay at the Disney World Resorts, the Dolphin, the Swan, and the Hilton in Downtown Disney. This is a great opportunity to visit attractions when it is less crowded and the lines short. So you can be sure that guests who are entitled to these will plan their Disney World Itinerary to be in those designated parks early and/or late. Follow these tips for planning your Disney World Itinerary.

Morning Extra Magic Hours:
      Staying on site—Begin your day at the park with the extra morning hour. Because there are so many Disney guests who will be there already when the park opens, by 11:00 a.m. or so it can get very crowded. That is a good time to head out to lunch and a different Disney World park (providing you have a Park Hopper ticket option).
      Staying off site—you will avoid the park with the Extra Magic Hour, going to another one instead. Planning of your Disney World itinerary is key.

Evening Extra Magic Hours:
      Staying on site—Move from the park with the extra morning hour to the park with the extra evening hours if you plan to take advantage of both; if you are not planning to stay for the extra evening hours, choose a different Disney World park for your itinerary that will be less crowded in the evening.
      Staying off site—If you have a base ticket which allows you to visit only one park per day, your itinerary will want to avoid both the park with the extra morning hour and the extra evening hours. If you have a Park Hopper ticket option, you can simply move to another park when the one with the extra evening hours begins to fill up.

Parade Disney World Itinerary

Budget Tip: If you are staying at one of the Extra Magic Hours qualifying Disney resorts, you may find yourself using the resort only to sleep. You would miss out on all the magic the resort has to offer...like swimming pools and water parks, planned activities, playgrounds, biking, nature walks, boat rides, casual strolling around the beautifully landscaped grounds and the themed resort buildings.

Plan your Disney World Itinerary to allow some days to stay just at the resort and have a good time, perhaps with a trip out for Downtown Disney, the Disney Discount shopping stores, a resort Disney Character meal or one of the dinner theater performances, or other local mini-activity. The resorts are so much fun, you might even consider staying there only for the resort experience, and stay at an inexpensive off-site hotel while you spend full itinerary days at the parks.