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Insider Tips for EPCOT Center at Disney World

EPCOT CenterExplore the future at Epcot and travel to other lands. At the Fountain of Nations, find Disney Characters on Vacation; refer to guide map for times.

At the Test Track, the single rider line is usually the shortest. This is a popular ride. Try to ride it first or get a FASTPASS.

There are fun activities for small children at all of the World Showcase countries (crayon activities), and now also in Future World.

There are water rides at the Norway and Mexico in the Epcot World Showcase that are little advertised.

Little ones will enjoyed Space Ship Earth and any age can ride.

At Epcot Center most of the “countries” have an expensive sit down restaurant and a less expensive fast food type restaurant. The less expensive option is good not only for the budget but for sampling more exotic foods. Epcot Center has the best food for the money!

The best place to get hydrated at Epcot is the Coca Cola Companies beverage station called Club Cool. You can sample delicious beverages from around the world—all for free. And you can return as often as you want—free soda at Epcot!

Lagoon at EPCOT  

There is very little seating around the Epcot Lagoon, so it is snatched early; but there is lots of standing room. Be sure to have the wind at your back when selecting a spot around the Epcot lagoon to watch IllumiNations. If not, you will find yourself enveloped in smoke and not be able to see the show.

“Soarin’” is a wonderful attraction at Epcot (in the Land building). The ride will make you feel like you are soaring in a hang glider over California. There is a height requirement of 40 inches. Lines are built for 3- hour waits, so ride it early or get a FASTPASS.

Epcot's Mission Space is a great ride, but not for those who get motion sickness or do not like enclosed spaces. Do not close your eyes! It simulates gravity through spinning. I recommend for safety reasons do not take young children on it or anyone with frailty. Mission Space also has a milder version that can be ridden by more people. Even me!

Did you know that real astronauts tested the ride before opening to make sure it was a real simulation of space flight?