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      Vacation Packing List

Convenient Packing List for Your Disney World Vacation

Trying to remember all the little items that are easily forgotten on a Disney vacation can be hard. Use this convenient vacation packing list to help organize your items.

Moleskin—this is an adhesive padding to place where you typically get walking blisters or rubbing. Pack some scissors to cut it to size. Find it where Dr. Scholl foot products are. This came in handy for my son who got a blister from the swimming pool the day we arrived. We cut pieces to fit around the blister so it took the pressure off the sore. I list this as a must have!

Disposable cameras for the Disney water parks or even the disposable under water camera's make for great pictures.

OTC meds—aspirin, Tums, etc. Vacation packing list tip: You can get them in the parks by asking in the stores—they keep them in a container behind the counter, but they are pricey.

Disney World Vacation Packing ListBand-Aids/small first aid kit

Travel size hair care products, toothpaste, deodorant



Lip Balm

Mosquito repellent wipes (or alternative like Avon Skin So Soft). Vacation packing list tip: rarely do they attack but have been known to; avoid West Nile virus. Florida has a wet climate and is known for having bugs.

Laundry detergent in travel size

Disinfectant wipes (faucets, toilet handles, doorknobs)

Baby wipes (before eating snacks)

Camera batteries, film, extra memory cards. Vacation packing list tip: purchase out side of the Disney World parks for half the price.

Disney Autograph book and big pens for autographs (characters wear gloves). Vacation packing list tip: Bring a plastic bag to keep autograph book dry if it rains

Kool-aid, Crystal Light packets. Vacation packing list tip: Add to ice water and save on soda cost)

Book of stamps for postcards

Swimsuits—one piece, no rivets, buckles or exposed metal pieces allowed on the Disney water slides

Battery operated spray fan. Vacation packing list tip: Fans cost about $17 at the Disney parks and are $8 or less at Wal- Mart. Make sure you have spare batteries. Fill with free ice water at park for quick artic blast

Neck bands (dip in cold water, fit around collar line with velcro)

“Security Waist Belt” by Embark in luggage department at Target— less bulky than a fanny pack

Back pack or carrier for items you take to the park (or put them in your stroller)

Soft sided collapsible cooler if you are carrying in cold foods. Vacation packing list tip: Available from Wal Mart is a NASCAR softpack cooler 9” high x 12” wide x 11” deep, and an igloo Playmate 13” high x 12” wide x 10” deep. It is preferable to have a soft sided cooler that can be squished to fit inside a locker. The Sub Zero soft pack will also fit; it is 19” high x 12” wide x 10” deep.

Accordion style folder to organize plane tickets, park tickets, reservations, maps, park guides, coupons, stamps and labels.